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Welcome to TinkRpedia!

TinkRpedia has everything you need to get started with STEM/STEAM Project-based Learning. Browse our educator-curated Makerspace Lesson Library—featuring free, hands-on projects that cover a variety of subjects and difficulty levels.

Need help designing and implementing your own high-quality STEAM curriculum? Check out our rigorous TinkRworks STEAM Project Kits for grades K-8.

STEM/STEAM Resources

Free Makerspace Lesson Library


Requires access to a 3D printer.


Utilize recycled materials.

2D Design & Laser Cutting

Requires access to a laser cutter.

Beginner 3D Stamp Recycled Parachute TinkRLantern
Intermediate Animal Museum


Recycled Bird Feeder
Advanced Maze Maker Recycled Paddle Boat

Software Guides

STEAM Project Kits

About TinkRworks

TinkRworks is a K-8 supplemental STEAM solution for educators that provides standards-rich curriculum and hands-on project kits designed to transform learners into innovators. Learn more: